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Best tips to manage a remote team

The pandemic moment has driven some changes. One of them is the strong trend towards remote work that can become definitive in many companies. Many businesses were forced to adhere to this regime, which proved to be an interesting and viable alternative for employers and employees.

As a result, most companies started to implement remote work teams. In this scenario, the importance of managing remote teams becomes more evident.

Video calls meeting. How to manage a remote team

Create a positive environment

It is important to ensure that all employees feel connected. Many team members may not naturally have interpersonal relationship characteristics, even more so in an online environment. So, the manager is responsible for creating this positive environment, through praise, an invitation to digital meetings, goals, and day-to-day conversations.

From this dynamic, the manager then creates the involvement of all, which becomes more intense and conscious by all. And, of course, the team's stress level tends to decrease, generating greater collaboration between everyone and increased productivity.

Facilitate the communication

Remote work can offer a significant improvement in the management of employees, as long as the correct formats and tools are used for this. At the end of this document, you will find several tools that I use and like to suggest to my clients. Using these tools, the dialogue between the team can be boosted, according to the agenda of each team member.

In addition to facilitating business processes based on the use of these tools, in the digital environment, all interactions can be saved – conversations, deliveries, feedbacks – thus generating a history and data control by the manager, which can be used for analysis and feedback.

Define rules and expectations

The manager needs, at the beginning of any project, to make clear what the rules and expectations of management for the team are. The rules involve communication format, deadlines, delivery formats, among others. If there is no such establishment, there is a high probability that frustrations will appear – on the part of the manager and the team. I even like to suggest a biweekly, or at least monthly, review of this stage, with the whole team.

Among the expectations, it is important that the manager highlights two characteristics, organization, and autonomy, fundamental for remote work. The organization concerns both the physical space, the virtual space, the time and the activities to be performed. Autonomy, on the other hand, involves the development of responsibility to work alone, without constant monitoring of the realization and implementation of planned activities.

Organize virtual team meetings

I always suggest meetings between the team members of the projects in which I am involved – and in this case, the meetings are now virtual. A manager should suggest fixed days for the team's schedule so that all remote employees are present. These meetings can be:

  • Daily, lasting 5 to 10 minutes, each team member gives his updates, what he is doing and presents any problems encountered;

  • Weekly, focusing on the current and next week's sprint;

  • Retrospectives, to analyze what was wrong, good, and needs to changes for the next weeks;

In addition, 1-on-1 meetings, are necessary for involvement, stimulation, error correction, and other needs.

Stimulate everyone to have a good work-life balance

Quality of life is one of the great benefits for those who work remotely. The non-interference of external factors in the work routine makes the time dedicated to work improve in content and quality. Employees can set their schedules, place of work, do not face traffic or other unforeseen events.

The positive aspects of this work structure should be highlighted, and the time saved in travel can be used in personal activities. In terms of quality of life, sleep, and healthier eating, since the employee is at home and can better organize his schedule and cook or purchase food from more options than on the street or in the company, they should be motivated for the gain of all parties.

Those are some of our tips for you to improve the performance of your remote team. If you are a manager of a team or you are looking to start managing a remote team, start now to find your next remote job as a team manager.

If you have some more suggestions on how you are managing a remote team, feel free to share them with us.

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