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How to improve work life balance working from home

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

work life balance for remote workers

One of the problems of working remotely it's usually how can you prove to your boss that you are really working? You are always careful to keep your slack open and online, you must reply quickly otherwise your boss will think you were not working, that sound familiar? Well, that is a common feeling of a recent remote worker and that is completely fine because we were used to feeling under control while we worked in the office with your manager overseeing you.

Well, that is not sustainable for you and neither for your boss. There is a word that should be agreed between you and your manager, that is: TRUST. Your manager should trust you that you are doing the best you can to deliver what is expected, as well you have to trust in your manager that he is not expecting that you are immediately available to reply to a message, being always online or other things else. Because there are many reasons for to not answer immediately, you went to the bathroom, went to have lunch/breakfast, you were just resting a bit, etc...


How to get trust?

Getting or giving trust should be a default rule when a company accepts to work with people remotely as well as you deserve the trust when you are accepted to work remotely. How to gain that trust is to keep constantly informed your manager about what it's not going as expected, for instance, if it's expected that you some delivery and for some reason, that task you were assigned to is not going as expected, you should immediately synchronize with your manager. Because the communication in a remote environment is more asynchronous and only when needed. Contrarily when you are in the office, you can catch up with your manager organically, and easier to have that discussion with him. But, in a remote environment, you have to force those discussions, you can't wait for your manager to ask you how the task is going, because by default (and if you don't communicate the opposite) your manager and you have the agreement that everything should be delivered as expected unless you communicate another thing.

This is a way of gaining trust, you are responsible for all of your time, you decide what, when, and where to do a specific task, you will not be overseen all the time by your manager, but this also come with bigger responsibilities, and managing the progress of a specific task is one of those bigger responsibilities.

Remotely responsibilities

Take free time when you need

One of the most important things to do while working remotely is the way we manage our working time and relax time. For a productive worker, even working remotely or in the office, we need to treat well our mind and body. For that reason, it's crucial that you take your free time regularly. Here are some tips for you to enjoy your free time:

  • Join a sports community with weekly training;

  • Buy a bike and take a ride after lunch (to take a break during the day);

  • Before you start your day, instead of taking the breakfast at home, go out and take a breakfast outside (to force you to take a normal routine to go out);

  • Join meetup events in your city and maybe join meetups with other remote workers;

And for now, that's it. What I want to focus on here is that working remotely requires some discipline, responsibility but more important, TRUST.

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David Fortunato, Remote-Work.app founder

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