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How to find a remote job

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

how to find a remote job
Finding a remote job

Did you always dream of working remotely? Are you tired of taking too much time in traffic to go to your job? I will try to help you to change your life.

Let me introduce myself. I'm David Fortunato, currently living in Coimbra (Portugal) but I started to work remotely in 2015. I'm a software engineer and at that time of my career I was tired of my routine, I felt a bit stuck to having to go to the office and come back home late, tired, and demotivated. So, I decided that I wanted to change my career path, I was young so the worst that could happen was to have to work again for the previous company.

I started to look for remote jobs and quietly fast I found a Saas company based in Corsica, France that was looking for someone with my profile. The whole process surprised me and I also had the opportunity to meet the CTO and the rest of the team personally in Corsica, before I received the final offer. It was the right decision and changed my whole perspective of working because since then I can't imagine my daily basis differently than working remotely.

What are the steps to finding a remote job?

1. Get valuable digital skills

One of the most successful ways to work remotely is to have digital skills. Those skills can be programming, engineering manager, UI/UX designers, advisory, digital marketing, online lessons, and many other skills. Even if you don't have those skills, nowadays it's not so important to have a bachelor in those areas, you just have to be good at that (it's what the companies need, it's the skills, not the certificate). Nowadays, you can take a few online courses at https://udemy.com.

2. Update your CV & Portfolio

As said in the previous step, it's not mandatory to own a bachelor, what you need is proof of your skills. For that, you must update your CV and portfolio to show the recruiters what you are able to produce. Showing your works is the best way to get a remote job because what the companies need is people to solve their problems, not to have your certificate.

3. Find remote companies

This is where we will help you. Create a profile in https://remote-work.app and find companies that are looking for talents with your skills. The register is free and you will be able to receive recommended jobs after you set up your profile and the hiring companies will be able to see your profile if you are a good match for the job position. When you find a job, apply for it and wait for the response of the hiring company.

Basically, it's just that easy. Even if you are not looking for a remote job at the moment, register your profile on our platform and you will be able to keep updated on the remote jobs that are available for you. Maybe someday one of those jobs convince you.

Good luck,


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